Patrice Torrez

Patrice has been in education, film and video for over a decade. She has been in front of the camera ever since her days in film school. She has authored a few books, including her most recent book in which she co-authored with her teenage son, Emmanuel Royal.

The book, Color Me Capable, is an inspirational children’s book designed to encourage children to set their goals high and go after those dreams. Their book has now reached readers on four continents as it continues to spread a message of hope and encouragement. Patrice also recently co-authored a Black History Inspirational Coloring Book with her daughter.

  1. Patrice is a mother, wife and educator.
  2. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Teaching.
  3. Her undergraduate degrees are in digital film-making and screenwriting.

She enjoys all things film related, writing, music and creative art forms. Currently, she has a web series she wrote, produced and co-starred in. It is titled, Bonswa Shæ, Good Morning which will premiere this year on her YouTube Channel, Patrice Moreaux.

For more information about Patrice and her books, check out the links below. Also follow her on IG @Patrice and Royal:

  • Name: Patrice Torrez
  • Nickname:
  • Favorite Hobby: Writing, acting
  • Favorite Foods: Creole
  • Favorite Game: Catch Phrase
  • Favorite Childhood Story: Dr. Doolittle
  • Favorite Candy or Dessert: Pralines
  • Pet’s Name and what kind of pet? Rosie
  • Favorite Characters in a game: Mario; Super Mario Bros.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: uncleanliness
  • Spirit/Totem Animal: Butterfly / Owl
  • Favorite color(s): blue and pink
  • Favorite Food: Creole
  • Favorite Quote:“Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts!”

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  • Hobbies:

    I am a creative by nature and my hobbies provide me the opportunity to explore through culinary, media, martial, and cultural arts.

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    I’ve been acting for over a decade and it started back when I was in film school. I’ve never anticipated being in front of the camera, but the opportunity just presented itself.

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    Martial Arts

    I’ve been practicing for over 5 years and I’ve tried a few different forms. I absolutely love the discipline and the confidence it provides.

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    I love creating dishes and exploring different culinary cultures. My current passion is Creole based cuisine.

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    I live exploring new worlds through books.

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    I’m always big into bracing different cultures and I love traveling the world.