• We at Children Story Time are committed to providing children with educational materials that help them in their learning process.
  • We provide a platform where children can learn through storytelling and technology.
  • We bring an educational app for children to help them excel in their skills development and academics.
  • Before purchasing any product and our services, please go through our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and disclaimer.
  • When you subscribe to our program and register yourself, you acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions and agree to all our Conditions, Privacy Policy, and disclaimer.
  • Our monthly and yearly subscription, so when you register for an account and subscribe to our program, you allow us to renew your subscription automatically for the program you selected based on its next due payment date.
  • Please read the following terms and conditions you agree to when subscribing to our program.

Dispute :

  • You agree on the terms that; you will settle all disputes with us rather than going to court.
  • It implies any controversy, allegation, or claim arising from or relating to the Services, these Terms, or any Additional Terms (collectively, dispute).
  • To resolve any disagreement, we agree to have a discussion over the disputethrough an informal meeting.
  • It can be done by sending a notice to the other party to raise the discussion over the dispute that occurred. The notice must includea description of the dispute; anda proposed resolution (together with the Dispute Notice).

Communication with other users :

  • Our chat feature allows the Child users to communicate directly with other users subscribed to us. You are responsible for keeping them under your guidance, and please do not leave them alone while they chat.
  • Our team efficiently filters out all the chat content exchanged or posted on our site system to ensure the removal of any personal information and the use of any foul language.
  • A check on sharing vulgar and adult content is monitored, and we always look out for scams and block them. It is done to discourage any share of inappropriate data that can harm our children in any way. The chat feature is designed to help children share their learning experiences with other child users and socialize.
  • Our users are advised to use these features if they think it’s appropriate for their kids. We do not take responsibility for any scam done through our chat feature.
  • Ultimately, we try our best to filter out all indecent and inappropriate content by incorporating the latest technologies for effectiveness. Still, even with that, we cannot guarantee 100 percent results in chat filtration.
  • Therefore, when participating in the chat feature of the Services by posting Chat Content, please be aware that the User does so at their own risk and that Chat Content is being made available and accessible to the company and other application users.

Account and Subscription :

Please review our Terms and Conditions for the account sign-up, transactional info and our services.

  • Parents or guardians must activate the Child User account, as we will require the personal information to be shared in the payment section.
  • Adults are requested to supervise all the transactional information as well as maintain the confidentiality of their password and account information.
  • Children Story Time takes no responsibility for any loss you may incur due to unauthorized account use.
  • We ensure that your private and personal information is all secured with us, and we will not sell it to any third party at any cost. Our privacy policy is strict, and we take complete responsibility for securing your account and keeping your information safe.
  • Our subscription is monthly or yearly based. All fees are payable following payment terms when the fee or the charge becomes payable. We may offer free promotional trial subscriptions to access the Services or at discounted prices.
  • We will notify you through your email address if there is any change in our fees.
  • You must use a credit card or other payment mechanism we accept to activate and maintain a paid Account.
  • We hold complete authority to charge you through the Pay Mechanism you use when registering for ouraccount.
  • We hold complete authority to charge you through the Pay Mechanism you use when registering for ouraccount.
  • In case your payment is declined, we hold the right to attempt a recharge on the same Pay Mechanism you provided. It will be just the amount of your account subscription fees and nothing more.
  • When you subscribe with us, you allow us to renew your monthly or yearly subscription automatically after the previous one ends.
  • Our first monthly subscription for kids is free of cost.
  • We will not charge you if you cancel the subscription before the renewal subscription date. If you fail to cancel your subscription before renewal, we hold the right to charge you for the new subscription.
  • Please cancel your subscription with us before the new period begins to prevent future billing.
  • Our customer service team will take 24 to 48 hours to reach you when contacted.