Matilda “Tillie” Tadjer

Matilda Tadjer is a half-Sephardic, half-Ashkenazi second generation Jewish American. She is a rising Senior 3D Animation Major at PRATT Institute. Her work mainly focuses on personal experiences with mental health, whether it be funny, terrifying, or serious. She adores character design and modeling, and focuses on emotion and comedic timing when animating and editing. Matilda loves building stories, especially storyboards and comics, from the creatures and scenarios she comes up with. She loves working with clay and puppetry, and knows quite a bit of stop motion. Her main inspirations come from music and movies.

  • Name: Matilda Tadjer
  • Nickname: Tillie
  • Favorite Hobby: Singing, walking and swimming
  • Favorite Foods: Shakshouka, Burgers, Israeli Salad
  • Favorite Game: Dodgeball or Jackbox Games
  • Favorite Video Game: Undertale, Deltarune, Fancy Pants, The Mother/Earthbound Trilogy, Pokemon White and Cooking Companions
  • Favorite Childhood Story: Holes or Watership Down
  • Favorite Candy or Dessert: SweetTarts or Lemon Cake
  • Pet’s Name and what kind of pet? Several: Bumi and Dobbie (Dogs), Midnight and Star (Cats), And Sam and Momo (Sugar Gliders).
  • Favorite Characters in a game: Alphys (Undertale/Deltarune), Ness and Lucas (Earthbound and Mother 3), Anatoly and Gregor (Cooking Companions), and the Koopalings (Mario Franchise)
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Hair in the shower, feeling unclean in general
  • Spirit/Totem Animal: Wolf
  • Favorite color(s): Red and Blue
  • Favorite Food: Shakshouka
  • Favorite Quote:“You can’t ever be really free if you admire somebody too much.” -Tove Jansson
  • Favorite Hobbies/Interests:
    1. Learning about film history and object restoration.
    2. Biking. Especially when I can listen to music while doing it. I find that, plus looking at the scenery to be very relaxing.
    3. Toy and rock collecting. Anything that catches my eye honestly.

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