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Fun Spelling Games for Kids

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Fun Spelling Games for Kids. Reading app solutions for education and entertainment purposes…

Are you ready for some fun spelling games for kids?


As a writer and avid reader, I firmly believe that proper spelling and grammar are essential parts of a child’s development. While some children struggle with spelling, it does not have to be difficult.  Undoubtedly, the English language has its challenges, but it’s imperative that children develop the right skills to succeed in all aspects of life.  Incorporating spelling games can make the learning process almost enjoyable for young people. Spelling games are great for kids just starting out with spelling and those who are maybe just struggling to grasp basic concepts.


I’ve put together a group of fun spelling games for kids that will help to build your child’s confidence and help them on their way to becoming proficient spellers. Remember, learning increases confidence! 


The Mystery Spelling Ball

This game is best played with three or more players. A beach ball or something large and soft is going to be the best choice for this game. Have the players stand in a circle facing each other.  The first player with the ball will toss it to another person in the group as they call out a word. This can be modified depending on the ages of the children. 


For example, if you have five or six-year-olds, you can use easy words such as cat or dog. For older children, try more challenging words like lawnmower or stovetop.  The person catching the ball must spell the word that was called out. If they get stuck, they can pass it to another player and let them try. That player will then toss the ball to someone else with a new word to be spelled.


The Spelling Train

The Spelling Train will challenge your children, and it’s a great way to find joy in spelling. Pick a word for your child to write down, such as cloud. Then have them write another word that starts with the last letter of the original word they wrote. Continue on, making a spelling train, using the last letter of every word previously written.


 An example would be

  • Cloud
  • Dog
  • Giant
  • Tank
  • Kitten


You can make this even more fun and interactive for your child by providing specific instructions or themes for the words they have to spell. This is ideal for older kids who are a little more familiar with words.


A good example would be animals:

  • Skunk
  • Kitten
  • Newt
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit


Leap Pad Letters

This is a great way to have your children learn and encourage them to imitate frogs simultaneously. It’s best to use standard sizes of construction paper or card stock (green works best). 


Cut out a giant lily pad on each piece of paper, 26 in all for every letter of the alphabet. 


Write the 26 letters of the alphabet, one letter for each lily pad, and then lay them on the floor. 

Have one child, or yourself, call out a word. 


Then the next child needs to try to spell out the word by leaping like a frog onto each letter. It will work best if you have a large area, and you can use masking tape to secure the lily pads to the floor. 


Newspaper Spelling Game

Using a newspaper or magazine, have your child cut out all the letters of the alphabet. This is easily done with headlines that are typically printed in a larger font. 


You will also need construction paper or even plain white paper. Have your child start with the letter A and glue it to one piece of paper. Then let them pick a word that begins with A, such as Apple or Ant


Have them write out the word and then draw a picture of the word. This exercise not only helps build spelling skills but also encourages those budding artists. It also lets your child consider each letter while creating a visual aid to help in spelling.


Spelling Staircase

Spelling Staircase is one of the best strategies to learn proper spelling. All you need is some paper and a pen pencil. Have your child pick any word (according to age) and then ask them to write each word as if they were making a staircase, adding one letter at a time. 


For example, if you were having them spell out the word house:

  • H
  • HO
  • HOU
  • HOUS


A good way to change the game up and make it more exciting for your little ones is by changing the materials you use to write. For example, instead of using pen and paper, try using shaving cream, playdough, or alphabet cereal.


If you are really brave, you can give your kiddos a paintbrush and easel and let them really become creative with words.


Spelling Scramble

This game works well with refrigerator letter magnets which can easily be found on Amazon. However, you can also have your child cut out each letter from the newspaper as they did in the Newspaper Spelling Game. 


You decide on the word you are going to choose, making sure it’s age-appropriate. Take the letters from the pile, scramble them, and see if your child can figure out what word you want them to spell. 


For example, if you were going to have them spell out the word animal, you could put the words in this order:


  • M
  • N
  • A
  • I
  • A
  • L


Another way to play this game is by providing your child with a dozen letters or so and asking them to use them to make words of their own. Children love a good competition, so seeing who can make the most words or who can spell out the longest words can be a fun way to get your child involved.


Spelling Puzzles

Use old puzzles to create an interactive way to encourage kids to spell with hands-on fun. Take puzzles that are no longer needed and paint over the picture. Once dried, write letters on the puzzle pieces to make them spell out words. 


You can use small puzzles with only a few pieces for toddler-aged children, and larger puzzles with more pieces for your older kids. You can even use this idea to create small sentences to help kids really push themselves and engage their problem-solving skills.


Spelling Jenga

Spelling Jenga is a great way to mix an old classic family game night staple, with a little bit of education, and a lot of critical thinking skills. Place letters on the ends of each Jenga block and then choose a word to spell, as you and your child take turns removing a letter, the excitement of picking the next block to complete the word before the tower tumbles will engage your little ones and have them asking for “one more game.”


Tips for Teaching Children How to Spell 

Using games is a great alternative to testing and requesting repetitive writing, from children who just want to have fun. 


Here are some great tips to try, when you are attempting to create amazing games to help teach your kids how to spell, while still keeping their attention on the task at hand.


  • Don’t get discouraged: Kids tend to get overly excited playing games and it can get a little frustrating. However, keeping your cool is the best way to keep the games and learning moving forward.
  • Keep Words Age Appropriate: If you try adding in words that are too difficult, even fun games can be discouraging to children. The same goes for words that are too simple, this won’t be challenging and they will get bored quickly.
  • Play Along: Whether you are giving your child hands-on activities or using a great learning app, stay by their side and stay engaged. This is a great way to spend time with your kids and it will keep them encouraged to try their best.


There are also several spelling apps right on your smartphone. As long as you are comfortable letting your child use your phone for learning, these are also an excellent way to introduce fun spelling games for kids. 


I’ve included a list of the apps that I find to be the most fun and valuable. All are kid-friendly. 

  • Spelling Monster
  • Simplex Spelling Phonics One
  • Spelling Teacher
  • Montessorium: Intro to Words
  • Spelling Bus
  • Word Wizard for Kids
  • Spelling Bug
  • Spelling Magic Three
  • A+ Spelling Bee English for Kids


I thought I could make a larger section for apps and online spelling games?


5 Great Digital Spelling Games to Try with Your Children

Here are five of our favorite digital spelling games you can do with your child that will keep them engaged and wanting to learn more.


1. Doodle Spell

Doodle spell is an app created by EZ Education that is aligned with the national curriculum for education. This comprehensive app can be used to help teach children to learn how to read and write without having to struggle with resistance and frustration.


Spelling becomes a fun game on its own, while the thousands of activities help them not only learn to spell and read but understand the words they are learning.

2. Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an amazing program developed to help children learn to read and spell by utilizing the five most crucial elements for literary development. 


The Reading Eggs program is widely used by parents, teachers, babysitters, etc., because it is a fun and unique way to help kids learn to spell and gradually teach them how to read in a fun and exciting way.


3. Spelling Monsters

Spelling Monsters is a program designed by DesireLife Software, that helps children practice their, age-appropriate,  spelling words through puzzles and mini-games, using monster cards that activate as you move through the app.


Parents love Spelling Monsters because they can control the words their children are learning and can personalize the words and games to help kids learn at their own pace. 


4. Spelling Hero

What child doesn’t dream about becoming a superhero? In this spelling app, they get to fulfill that fantasy by being powerful heroes who fight the bad guys and defeat them by spelling their words correctly.


Spelling Hero has a library of over 1000 spelling words separated by difficulty, making it easy for you to help your little ones learn to spell, read, and write.

5. Zoo Lingo

Zoo Lingo is ideal for toddlers just starting their life-long journey in education, spelling, reading, and writing. Children as young as two can benefit from this game and can pick up easy words quickly with the fun graphics and puzzles.


Toddlers love animals, and Zoo Lingo is full of them, using fun and adorable furry creatures to teach them how to spell in an exciting and interesting way.



Remember that spelling is a learned activity that requires both formal and informal training. It does not have to be scary or difficult. It’s easy to make spelling fun, and I hope that some of these fun spelling games for kids will help you help your child become an excellent speller.  


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